Thursday, 8 October 2015

13 Remarks About PR I've Written This Thursday

1. If you aren't actually the Public Relations representative for a company, please don't claim you are.

2. If you are actually the PR rep, keep in mind that people will remember and talk about one bad experience more than ten good ones.

3. If you're not the PR rep but want to raise lots of noise at a grassroots level, remember that you are still representing the company.

4. If representing an organisation, product, company etc, everything you do in public view represents them.

5. If you don't have a stranglehold on internal information, everything you do in private also represents them.

6. You do not have a stranglehold on internal information.

7. We all make mistakes. Learn to be humble and accept feedback.

8. Treat consumers with respect. Your job is to be the shining beacon of light for the organisation you're paid to represent/have volunteered to represent.

9. If you respect consumers, you won't go leaping into their conversations about your product that haven't solicited you.

10. If there's some genuinely incorrect information being spread in a conversation, correct them in as gentle a manner as possible. People hate being told they're wrong, so correction needs to be about building a bridge, not a demolition project.

11. If you're representing a niche product within a niche community within a niche genre (like, say, an airdash fighting game with extremely long combos, large loading times and no netplay), don't expect to have an explosion in popularity overnight. Or over a year. You're playing a numbers game that requires a large amount of patience to find the audience at all, let alone draw them in.

12. No, your catchphrase is neither amusing nor endearing.

13. Never tweet.