Monday, 31 July 2017

Quick Comments on the Super Robot Wars OG line

Good ol' Ted asked in the last post's comments about games to play and my answer was the inevitable "play OG1 and 2". So I don't have a big weird reply sitting at the bottom of that piece I'll make some quick comments about those games here.

Cool Game Design Moments: Super Robot Taisen Original Generation 2 and New Game+

Ever since Bubble Bobble first shocked players with its announcement that THIS  IS  NOT  A  TRUE  ENDING!computer games have had the option to provide content and goals beyond reaching a staff roll for the first time. Arcade games, particularly scrolling shooters by Toaplan and its progeny at CAVE began all sorts of experimentation around additional loops of games with higher difficulty and adjusted placement of hazards. The aim was to provide a greater challenge and fresh experience for players who had become skillful enough that they could complete a game without spending very much money. This gave greater shelf life to arcade titles and a prolonged sense of discovery about them.

Doing what Taito says doesn't even give you the true ending...