Tuesday, 9 December 2014

SXC Addendum: All the Games in Yui Ikari's List

Remember that list of superior games  Yui Ikari listed when grounding Shinji for making the SXC Combo Video? Let's talk about them!

Rise of the Robots - low-hanging fruit. Good music, game has no substance. Characters are designed for a single player experience, so the later a character is seen in arcade, the more busted they are in 2P.
Shaq-fu - Infinite blockstrings. Barely functioning input detection. Has a lightning wizard. The legend itself.
Samurai Shodown Sen - 3D SamSho. More like a less interesting Soul Calibur. zzz
Fighter's History - Dynamite overhauled things and is just a straight-up better "totally not SF2" game.
Twinkle Queen - Wii-exclusive Aquapazza for all the VNs you don't care about. Also Koihime Musou, though BaseSon went on to make their own actually good fighter for that IP. What is it with shmup devs having to make at least one fighter?
VR Fighter vs Taken 2 - A chinese bootleg cart for the Mega Drive. Has a Tekken 1 Kazuya portrait which makes everything better.
Ballz 3D - One of the myriad terrible SNES fighters. Clearly just used programmer graphics to save on time so they could poop it out.
Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer - The Neogeo game with the Masami Obari designs. Incredibly messed up blockstun.
Street Fighter Alpha 2 (SNES) - Released waaaaay after the PSX was out, likely under the same logic that led to Rockman & Forte's development. Horrible loading times, barely works, delayed sound.
Clay Fighter
Clay Fighter: Tournament Edition
C2: Judgment Clay - The definitive crappy SNES fighters. Still, cool art.
Clay Fighter 63 1/3 - A hodgepodge of the predecessors' mechanics with stuff from Killer Instinct 1 and 2. Infinites all over the place. Features EARTHWORM JIM, most of the voice cast of Animaniacs and for some reason it has Boogerman.
Clay Fighter 63 1/3: Sculptor's Cut: Exclusive to Blockbuster Video - Adjusted roster, choppier animations. Runs worse. Valuable collector's item, but Vanilla's more fun to dick around in.
Galaxy Fight - ADK's first fighter attempt. Has the kangaroo girl with tits and her gorgeous stage. Otherwise a forgettable Neogeo game.
Hopeless Masquerade - Non-functioning Astra Superstars clone. Fundamentally flawed game with clunky movement, boring combos and an alarmingly cheerful looking Reimu. Bring back Angry Eyes please.
Sugoi! Arcana Heart 2 (PS2) - AH2 was just plain too much for the PS2 to handle. Especially when Eccole are the ones doing it. The port that killed the New York scene.
Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter - Throwing the Capcom guys a bone. Wolverine dash MK the game.
Virtual ON Marz - Throwing the Sega guys a bone. Weakest VON title by a long shot. Just play Force if you want coop, or Ontario Tangram if you want the best VON.
Street Fighter Alpha 2 (NES) - Chinese bootleg. Infinite meter. Amazing.
Skullgirls 1.0 - That game I got second in then it died shortly after. Touch of deaths, Xboxen incapable of displaying art assets half the time, fully invincible Double Butt, the list goes on. Worst version of a bad game.
Guilty Gear: The Missing Link - Instant Kills can be done while the opponent's in blockstun and take both rounds, messed up gravity scaling, charge-cancelling means characters like Baiken get an infinite by just cancelling 2H into itself forever. X is still probably more busted.
Battle Beast - Windows 95 promo game. Furry Robots. Need to find a new disc or iso. Lost my old one years ago.
Phantom Breaker - Every Mechanic At Once: The Game. Busted and boring. At least Extra is merely a dumb but functioning game. Just play the beat 'em up instead.
Big Bang Beat ~1st Impression~ - The game that broke the poverty world's heart. So much potential to be a fun airdasher with great presentation, yet the relentless patching, extended low-damage combos and the Hanny not being top tier killed it hard. It was legit good for like one patch, then died.
Avengers in Galactic Storm - Good example of a bad PS2 era fighter.
Mace: The Dark Age - Best 3D fighter on the N64. Fun to break.
Ougon Musou Kyoku - The game that broke the poverty world's heart a second time. Braindead combos, silly mechanics and just plain wasn't fun at launch. After the expansion and several patches, it's actually now a pretty good game!
Super Robot Spirits - Typical cash-in Banpresto game, in awful N64 3D fighter form! We'll never get a good multiplayer Super Robot game.
Dragonball Z Super Butouden 2 - See here.
Metal and Lace: Battle of the Robo Babes - Spectacular localised title for a 1993 PC fighter. Has all the issues you'd expect from a platform that was mostly for Detective Games at a time when nobody really knew how fighters worked. Let alone Capcom.
Bikini Karate Babes - see here.
Spectral vs Generation - Good example of a turn of the century game influenced by both later SNK and that newfangled "Guilty Gear". Its console port managed to somehow break things even harder than its original arcade incarnation, leading to pretty much the entire cast having infinites. The kusoge everyone forgets about.
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 - Pretty standard punchline. Still, it's a game where a team built around a single hit leading into a series of completely inescapable meaty hits that lead to a kill combo into another inescapable meaty hit into another kill combo is considered an exciting and respectable mid tier way to play. I need more power.

Apologies to Million Knights Vermillion for slipping my mind somehow when the video was made. It's been too long, old friend.

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