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F.K. Digital Updated WHAT?!? - A Super Cosplay War Ultra Infinity Primer

So it turns out that on Christmas Eve 2014, F.K. Digital, creators of Chaos Code went and updated their other fighting game. Super Cosplay War Ultra. That freeware game with the autocombos they first released in 2003. What a glorious way to end a year that saw a 1.2 release for E's Laf (and a sequel announcement!), Wonderful World updates bringing it ever closer to 1.0 and French Bread releasing a commercial cash-in licensed game! Oh and some dickheads charging money for Vanguard Princess on Steam when the same version is available for free.

So with that run-on sentence out the way, let's break down my platonic lifelong partner, Super Cosplay War Ultra ~Infinity~


0. What the poop is this game?
When F.K. Digital formed and started making games in 2002, their original plan was for Chaos Code to be a freeware game. This was the early days of what we can now think of as the golden age for doujin fighters with every passing moment bringing out a Glove on Fight or Arm Joe or E's Laf 0.01 or Vanilla Melty Blood. So to test out 2D Fighter Maker's capabilities and how a freeware fighter would be received, out emerged SCWU. It also let the gang see how many references to things they like and copyrighted audio they could get away with. So the game ultimately became this testbed for Chaos Code stuff that they go back to now and then for fun. The true Doujin spirit, really.

1. What the poop are the buttons?
Using the game in-game config, the layout I've always used is this:
D E                                   

which corresponds to

Punch, Throw
Kick, Dust

Punch and Kick are your go-to normals. Crouching Punch is usually an antiair and crouching Kick is usually a sweep. Standing P and K can vary wildly depending on the character. If you're playing anyone besides the Zaku, Pac-man, Gouf, Baron Ashura, Totoro or Astro Boy cosplayers, standing P and K lead into autocombos! These work a lot like Gem Fighter's. You can mix and match your P and K as you like. So things like PKP or PKK or KKP and so on work. The second button in the string is usually cancellable into specials or supers. The third hit is usually either a knockdown or a special hit property (particularly on antiair hit, much like Guilty Gear) allowing for combo opportunities if you've scored a juggle.

Throws are throws. Don't ask me for startup time.

What I call Dust is of course a launching move. There's no crouching version. If you hold down Up after hitting the button, you'll jump up to combo off of the launch. Try to find something cool! Here's an example of me doing something off of a launch with the new character added in this update.

I'll go over OTGs a bit later.

2. Movement and blocking
 You can run. There's some Morrigan/I-no style dashers.
You can double jump.
You can airdash.
You can airdash after a double jump.

Much like Chaos Code, you can airblock air-to-airs and fireballs, but not grounded normals or things like uppercuts. You'll want to be careful with how you airtech in this game against good players!

3. Combo Rules
As mentioned before, the first and second hits of standing strings can be cancelled into specials or supers. Much like Chaos Code, various special moves can also be cancelled into supers. From memory this makes the super do more damage than it normally would, but don't hold me to that. It's been years since I last fired this up.

There's wallbounces and ground bounces. If you've recovered in time, follow up with something! Even if it's just PP xx super, that's cool.

As you can see in that video above, I performed an OTG. When you see the big yellow spark from a knockdown, that means it's a groundslam and you can pick them up. In Guilty Gear Xrd there's a fancy tumbling animation for this state. This just has the yellow hitsparks. The same as Chaos Code's funny enough.

So yeah, it's Chaos Code combo rules without Chaos Exceed fanciness or the ability to cancel  normals into superjumps. Mostly because there's no superjumps in the first place. :V

4. What series is who based on? I need to show my loyalty to only one franchise!
Ryuko - Getter Robo (70s TV version)
Zoma - Change! Shin Getter Robo ~Sekai no Saigo Hi~ or Getter Robo Armageddon (very SRW-ish take since there's still some Akira Kamiya voice clips going on here)
Kiki - Ojamajo Doremi (after all, Futari wa Pretty Cure was still two years off when these sprites were being drawn!)
Chung - Naruto
Amiro - Amuro Ray's various Mobile Suits. Particularly the Nu-Gundam
Anmc P -  A Ball. Like, the crappy cannon fodder from the original Gundam.
Giant - Doraemon and Mazinger. Enjoy your excessively loud Boss Borot voice clips.
G S - GaoGaiGar
Yo - Resident Evil
Sin - Slasher films. Particularly Nightmare on Elmstreet and Friday the 13th
Lizard - The Evangelions
Kay - The Angels of Evangelion (The 64seconds super always brings a smile)
Dido - Virtual ON
Sakuya - Sakura Taisen
Alex - Zyuranger/Power Rangers
Hiso - Hunter x Hunter (male characters)
Erus - Hunter x Hunter (female)
OS Feng - Shaman King (again, signs of the times)
Sean - Hoshin Engi (best choice of the lot)
Gon -Digimon
Kate - .hack (too bad there's no soundtrack changes by picking her)
Rear - Gear Fighter Dendo (Sorely underappreciated cartoon, this one)
Gigi - The generic enemies in Kamen Rider Shocker. Gi. Gi. Giiiiii~
SWW - Saint Seiya
Ogi - Zechs
Ziro - All of the Gundam Wing boys
Yinyan - Full Metal Panic
Aya - Final Fantasy
3times - Both are Char. I suspect 3timesi was made first as he's a sprite edit of the Zaku cosplayer. MASA on the other hand is aiming to as much be CCA Char since he has the scar and rambles on about how Lalah could've been his mother when he wins.
Zenka - ZENGAR ZONVOLT. THE BLADE WHO CLEAVES EVIL. SSSSSS+ tier broken. All is right with the world.
Z-Mega - Omega Rugal. Based on his CVS2 incarnation since it had better quality audio to steal from.
Alpha - The Four Symbols of Chinese Daoism. For the dragon and tiger this of course means the Choukijin from Super Robot Wars Alpha.
Z-Mega - Rugal Bernstein, non-broken version.
Zaku - It's a Zaku.
Pac-Helo. No fire hydrants. Stick to Smash 4's Pac-man.
Golf - It's no Zaku, boy. No zaku.
Asura - Do you like 70s Baron Ashura making that signiature cry of frustration? I really, really hope you do.
TTRO - A robot suit of Totoro
ASTROMAN - Tetsuwan Atom
Rario - Two archetypal all-rounders in the one package.

5. How do I training mode?
Go to Vs and set 2P to the Training dummy in the bottom right.
His D button (which is the I key by default) turns on health regen.
Go to Option - Game and set the round timer to 0 for unlimited time.
To reset the game, press start then A+B+C. 

So that's the game! Give it a whirl! Hit up this page if you want to netplay. MTSP works for all 2d Fighter Maker games.

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