Thursday, 5 February 2015

Rise of Incarnates is in Open Beta Now.

Remember when I talked about it? Bamco's attempt at bringing Gundam vs Gundam to the West? Remember how I said it had none of the things that actually make that series satisfying to play?

Well, at the end of the last alpha it brought in a pile of things from the Extreme Vs games. Things like super meter to gain refills. You can even cancel an attack into a secondary attack!

You know what you can't do though? Dash cancel projectiles.

You know what is the entire crux of what makes Gundam vs a thrilling footsie game conducive to high latency environments and a wonderful teamwork game? Dash cancelling projectiles.

Every addition so far has been a superficial improvement. The sort of thing that appears to provide extra depth but ultimately doesn't because the fundamental core of the game isn't in the game. To cap it off, Bamco gave us this wonderful message when announcing the date for the open beta:

"Faster gameplay and shorter hit stuns
This aspect has evolved the most since the Beta. Numerous testers brought up slow gameplay speed as a major issue, and we admit that we watered things down because we were cautious about introducing an entirely new style of gameplay. We were proved otherwise. So you can look forward to some very fast, intense gameplay!"

In other words "we thought that releasing a game on the same platform as Quake 3 wouldn't have an audience that could grasp a game about space control and goading people into overextending so they can get hit."

And then they left the pace of the game the exact same as the last alpha anyway.

Please, do not play Rise of Incarnates. Play some Push instead.

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  1. To be fair, quake 3 and arena shooters in general are an incredibly niche market these days. But a niche market is probably better than no market??