Tuesday, 26 August 2014

And That's It for Blaugust From Me

I'm going to be rather short on private time and internet access until next Monday, so this'll be it for the month of daily posts. I jumped on Ale and co.'s attempts to coerce people into actually updating their web logs since I needed the practice at writing regularly. I've been pretty much writing stream of conscience so far just to get content up regardless of quality or consistency. Just writing at all was what I needed at the start of this month.

So where to from here? Here's what my writing needs next:
 - Heavy proofreading and editing.
 - More primary sources when possible (easier when I get my recording stuff back this weekend)
 - More verified sources for other arguments
 - An elaborate social media advertising campaign.

Some ideas over this month were pretty big stretches to get into more than 40 words. I've still got other ideas I floating around in my head that I want down in text form but need more fleshing out. I'll be aiming for at least one post a week after this.

So why can't I post over the next few days? I'm going to Melbourne's (and Australia's now I think of it) largest fighting game event Shadowloo Showdown. I've entered just Blazblue and KOF13 from memory. I'm not particularly interested in either tournament at this point though. The main reasons I'm going are:
 - I already booked this months ago
 - Travelling means I get to play the videogames I like with people besides the usual local airdash guys
 - I'll be writing about certain facets of communication and language used by people at the event for Uni. If I'm happy with that I might put up some excerpts as a post or two.

I have no idea what internet access will be like in the place we're staying. If it's good, I might be able to get some poverty stream going while there. I also intend to run a side tournament for Under Night In-Birth, so we'll see how that goes. I'm expecting this to happen to me a lot.

So thanks for reading so far. Feedback is always welcome.


  1. It's been fun, Pichy. It's been fun.

  2. I'm really glad you've participated. I've loved reading your blog. Do more afterwards.

  3. Your Rummikub Joker profile image was created by me. I enjoy feeling that somebody likes my creations. Nice blog by the way.