Tuesday, 12 August 2014

This is Why Peer Review and the Editorial Process Exist

This was in one of my Uni readings this week. Even when you've been writing for decades and have a team of people checking, double-checking and triple-checking what you've typed. We're all human and all make silly mistakes. We need to work together to fix things because we're always going to let something slip some time.

I was going to use this to do a sweet segue about the militant opposition to any sort of editing that anime fans tend to have. It's been on my mind of late after seeing fierce anger towards NIS America's localisation of Gust's Mugen Souls and its sequel removing a few scenes filled with naked underage girls groping each other in hot springs. Anything I'll say will probably have been delivered better by the late Toren Smith in this piece he wrote nine years ago. We're now living in a post-Tokyopop world of japanese comic/cartoon releases, so it's fun to see what's changed since that post and what hasn't at all.

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