Sunday, 24 August 2014

Obligatory Breathe Deep Post

Another brief one today. Need to get my recording equipment back from the guy who's borrowed it. Also have a lot of work to do before I go to Melbourne for Shadowloo Showdown V.

I might as well toss in a spoiler warning for obvious reasons.

The nicest thing about the episode was seeing the Doctor use reason and wit to solve a problem. It wasn't a completely hard sci-fi solution, but it was a nice bridge from the borderline Magical Girl solutions Matt Smith ran with and a potentially more logic-driven show. Then again Moffat's still in charge so it's entirely possible that we'll wind up with a story arc that writes itself into a corner.

As far as I can tell, the actor who played what's credited as The Half-Faced Man hasn't been in much television. I'll assume he's got a strong theater background because he was a delight to watch. Stories about robots becoming human without realising it are an idea I'm fond of. Doubly so if they've taken on ideals that they now assume are part of their programming. Unless it actually was, in which case this is the most Twilight Zone-ish twist in a while.

I don't feel like doing a conventional review (or commentary about Moffat's love for gimmicks. Today's being to hold your breath), so I'll just mention one other thing before signing off for today. That is,some of the plot points in this episode. They included:
 - A dinosaur in London
 - A hidden spaceship
 - A desire by antagonists to go to The Promised Land

Yeah, we might as well just label this as a fancy-pants big budget Hollywoodified remake of the timeless Pertwee story Invasion of the Dinosaurs. Given how this show is I can definitely see that as being intentional. Cute wrapping for what was all-in-all a fun episode.


  1. You LOVE Invasion of the Dinosaurs. You love it with mouth.

  2. Not as much as I love The Web Planet.